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Congratulations Olen Ruddell!

Our very own Olen Ruddell has been elected as the 2019 Outstanding Driver of the Year by Arkansas Oil Marketers Association.

Olen has been part of our Farmers Oil Corp family for more than 38 years and he is always going the extra mile for our customers. In fact, he has traveled over 5 million miles since he joined our team! He has a strong work ethic and takes initiative every day on the job. We consider him to be the ultimate team player.

Olen is a former Marine who served during the Vietnam War. He and his wife, Blenda, have two sons (Kevin and Jason). Olen and Blenda enjoy fishing and bible studies together.

Congratulations, Olen - we are proud to have you in our Farmers Oil Corp family!

Olen Ruddell filling propane tank

Olen filling a Farmers Oil Corp tank for a customer.


Chris Howell, Olen Ruddell, and wife Blenda holding 2019 Driver of the Year sign

Olen Ruddell with his wife, Blenda, and AOMA President Chris Howell.