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Providing quality lubricants to our customers is key.

Equipment manufacturers have lubricant specifications to maintain engine and power train warranties.

We provide top-of-the-line lubricants from Cenex, Citgo, Shell, and Mystik that meet all the latest specifications.

Cenex logoCitgo logo Mystik Lubricants logo


We provide lubricant deliveries in the package and in bulk.


Call us at 870-523-6511 to hear what we offer for lubricant engine warranties in both new and used equipment.


We also carry a large line of commercial aerial lubricants and fuel treatments for Air Tractors and Thrush engines, as well as small aircraft, from turbine engine lubricant to prop grease.

Fuel treatments are critical in the aviation industry. We carry Biobor JF and Lubribor for Jet A tank treatments to insure clean, safe fuel.


Pictured below is a gravity flow stackable Lube & DEF tank on a steel frame. This system is a clean, efficient, contamination-free way to store all your bulk lubricants and DEF.

Gravity flow stackable lube and DEF tanks on a steel frame against a wooden wall.